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Good quality Indian Basmati and American rice available in two brands Al-Mahmal   & Al-Gafella.




Milk Powder

StarCow:  Instant full cream powder milk is made of cow’s milk. StarCow is bacteriology safe and free from any contamination.

Bright:  Instant full cream powder milk imported from Holland and made of cow’s milk.




Nismah Mango Drink: Pure Mango drink available in 250 Ml packing

Star Mango Drink:  Pure mango drink available in 1.5 Litre

Meltem:  Instant mango drink available in 2.5 Kg packing and different flavours (Mango, Orange & Lemon).


White Oats

Al-Qaflah: While Oats quick cooking oats is delicious and supplementary daily diet and ideal for both children and adults alike. Oats can be tried in a variety of delicious dishes like porridge, gruel, soup, cakes, biscuits, meat, loaf and pudding.




Al-Gafellah: Al-Gafellah Leaf Tea and Tea Bags are available in various packing.

Green Tea:  Al-Gafellah Brand Chinese green tea in great taste.



Mukalla: Mukalla is tasty White Meat Tuna from yemen available in 100 & 185 gms packing.



Ditergent Powder Wadi: Wadi detergent powder is well known and accepted product in Saudi Arabia. Wadi special formulation gives exceptional cleaning power for both whites and colours.    
Dish Washing Liquid Dish Washing Liquids are available in various flavours and packing 500 gm & 1 Litre.      
Bleach Bravox: Bravox bleach is for washing clothes, make them clean and bright. It can also be used for other cleaning purposes.    
Fire Lighter & Safety Matches Strike & Light: Strike & Light is a well known brand fire lighters imported from Europe.
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