Pallet Details


Medium Duty Distribution Pallets

  1. a) 1280 mm X 1080 mm X 135 mm footprint and 13 kg in weight.
    b) 1200 mm X 1000 mm X 135 mm footprint and 11 kg in weight.
  2. Oval nine-leg design helps deflect fork contact for longer pallet life.
  3. Molded-in textured deck surface for added load stability.
  4. Fully nest able.
  5. Floor rating up to 2,000 kg - dynamic load and 3,000 kg - static load.
  6. Racking (with steel reinforcements) can carry up to 1,500 kg.(Galvanized steel reinforcements at the pallet back give better racking option)
  7. Predominantly available in black colour.